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What is DEALS! off Market?

DEALS! Off Market, also known as The Off Market Deals Network, is a streamlined marketplace for off-market real estate investment opportunities.


Max Exposure

Not just an email blasts. We curate deal exposure by market by deal. Leveraging AI, SEO, and analytics we meet buyers where they are.


As soon as your deal is listed our system is at work! Our AI assistant LOU is ready to assist your next buyer with any questions and how to make a winning offer fast!


We use AI but we aren't robots. For years, we have been cultivating a community of motivated buyers. We leverage, connections, lead forms, AI scrapers, and affiliate programs to have an ever increasing buyers list.

Why are BRRRRers, House Flippers, and Real Estate Investors joining and buying through our Network?

Exclusive Access to Off-Market Deals

We specialize in off-market real estate opportunities that are not available through traditional channels. This exclusive access allows investors to find unique properties with potentially higher profit margins.

Confidential Offers

Understanding the importance of privacy in real estate transactions, our platform ensures that all offers are handled with the utmost confidentiality. Our buyers can submit their offers securely, knowing that their financial and personal information is protected.

Disposition Process

Our disposition process is designed for efficiency. From listing to closing, we employ advanced tools and procedures to expedite the transaction process while maintaining accuracy and transparency.


  • Exploring Deals: Start by visiting our website and browsing the available off-market deals. You can view detailed listings and choose properties that align with your investment criteria. All of our deals are listed on Investorlift. Click Deals in the navagation bar to view all deals.

  • Registering Interest: Once you find a property of interest, request the address, submit an iquiry or make an offer directly on the InvestorLift page. Visit click deals and find the property you want to learn more about.

  • How do I ask a question about a property: We highly reccomend using the Investorlift listing, internet seraches and public databases to research. DEALS! can move very fast. However, if you need questions answered submit a request at

  • Making an Offer: After evaluating the property, you can make an offer. You will visit the property's Investorlift webpage and click make an offer. You can find it by visting and clicking "deals" in the navigation menu then search or scroll to find the property. We also email out the the links in our email marketing and post on social media.

  • Negotiation and Agreement: If your offer is accepted, or if there's room for negotiation, we will facilitate the communication between you and the seller to finalize the terms.

  • Closing the Deal: Once the terms are agreed upon, we guide you through the closing process. This includes handling all necessary paperwork and ensuring that all legal and financial aspects are correctly managed.

Does DEALS! Off Market assist with finding property management, renovations, and connecting with general contractors?

Yes, DEALS! Off Market assists with finding property management, renovations, and connecting with general contractors?

With Professional Solutions

Property Management

Professional Solutions Property Management equips investors with the tools and expertise necessary for effective property management, renovation, and investment growth.
Their services are designed to maximize returns, ensure efficient management, and maintain high occupancy rates. Visit

to learn more.

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